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The famous Azmak River located in the Gökova valley which offers a holiday opportunity that will not be erased from your memories with the charming mixture of nature, sea, green and blue. Gökova is a very rich holiday region in terms of accommodation facilities. Hotels, motels, apartments and lodgings, tents and campsites, and recently rented private pools and gardens with villas that increase popularity have made it possible for you to have a quiet, calm and peaceful holiday. The holiday villas, hotels, apartments, lodgings, tents and camping areas in Gökova are located in the famous Akyaka and Ataköy holiday regions of Gökva. Gokova-Akyaka-Ataköy is suitable for the conservation families with their landscaping and nature. The pool and garden are suitable for everyone, with luxurious, modern, spacious families and suitable villas for honeymooners. Vacationers who rents a daily-weekly villa in Gökova-Akyaka-Ataköy can enjoy sunshine in their private pools as well as a variety of activities such as paragliding, windsurfing, kite surfing, sea canyon, bicycle tours, Azmak river tours in Akyaka. You can explore the island of Cleopatra, famous for its unique beauty of the Gökova gulf, by boat tours. You can enjoy the sea and the sun at Akyaka beach and walk in Akyaka National Park. In the cafes & restaurants located on the Azmak River in Gökova-Akyaka, you can enjoy the pleasure of Azmak River in the facilities established in the cold Azmak water. You can watch the Gökova Gulf view where you have spent your holiday from 600 meters above the Sakartepe Viewing Terrace. Our guests traveling by plane to Gökova-Akyaka-Ataköy can choose transportation from Dalaman Airport by renting a car or by airport transfers. We also provide car hire and airport transfer services for our guests who planned their travel by airplane.