Cancellation Policy

  1. The scope of the service and service purchased by the CLIENT is stated in the voucher (reservation form) delivered to him / her together with the sales rules.
  2. CUSTOMER acknowledges that he / she has read and know the brochure of the qualifications of the service he / she purchased, the website of the related product, and the Traveling Content Conditions on the Site Corporate tab.
  3. On behalf of the other persons who will join the trip together with him, the CLIENT is also obliged to provide the correct information to ensure that these conditions of sale of the accommodation are accepted and that these persons will be able to participate in the journey such as name, surname, identity number, information about the scope of pre- and that the voucher given to him is deemed to have been given to the participant as well.
  4. CUSTOMER shall keep all legal documents (passport, identity, visa, etc.) related to the country he / she will go to during his / her travels abroad without any treatment or personal reasons arising from the CLIENT himself (such as visa, tax credit, . It acknowledges that ANICA has no legal and / or criminal liability in the event that the customer does not make travel transactions (flight-bus ticket, car rental, etc.).
  5. The CLIENT agrees that the extra food and beverage, personal expenses and all defined non-serving goods and services will be paid by him / herself except for the services purchased and accommodation services.
  6. In the event of termination of use of the service due to faulty service, it shall be deemed to have received the service in the event of termination of the agreement with the authority of ANICA and the authority of the facility where it has been obliged to cooperate and to pay attention.
  7. In case of (Unfavorable weather conditions, roadblocks, strike, terror, fog, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues, etc.) of a third person, unexpected and unavoidable behavior of a third person, The CLIENT shall not be entitled to compensation in the event that the ANCA / agent / independent service provider has demonstrated all the necessary discretion and is unable to foresee and can not be prevented.
  8. At the time of registration at least 30% of the domestic service fee and the remaining amount must be paid within 7 working days from the date of sale and at the time of reservation if the date of entry into service is 30 days or less. If payment is not made within the stated periods, the reservation made is canceled and 15% of the price is invoiced to the CUSTOMER as a cancellation payment. The CUSTOMER who purchases the service through early reservation is obliged to pay the full price of the service at the date of reservation.
  9. In case the bank or financial institution fails to pay the service fee of the bank or financial institution to ANICA for the claim that the credit card used by the CLIENT to pay the price of the services purchased by the CLIENT after the performance of the service has been unfairly and unlawfully used to unauthorized persons without being caused by the imperfection of ANICA, the service charge and any legal interest incurred from the date of reservation for any damage.
  10. In the event ANICA refuses to provide the service unfairly, ANICA shall return all the payments made by the CLIENT to the CLIENT within 14 business days.
  11. 15% of the total amount due to be paid by the CLIENT is included in the costs incurred due to service costs, tax, duties and similar legal obligations if the CLIENT has given up the use of the service purchased and notified 60 days prior to the start of the service via written or permanent data store ) will be returned to him / herself.
  12. CUSTOMER agrees to pay ANYCA 50% of the total amount if he / she gives up the use of the accommodation service he purchased, if he / she notices 59 to 30 days before the start of the service, or if he / she has stayed for less than 30 days. The date change requests made by the CUSTOMER shall be waived and shall be notified in writing by the CLIENT taking into account the periods specified above.
  13. The CUSTOMER or his / her first-degree relatives (including parents, siblings, spouses and children) are notified at the time of booking of a 10-day unusual obstruction / dismissal report and such other circumstances as the CUSTOMER documents are exempt from this clause and in such case 15% of the total amount to be paid must be paid by the CLIENT without the deduction of the price paid for the services (including service costs, taxes, duties and similar legal obligations) to be returned within 14 days.
  14. A CUSTOMER may transfer a third party who fulfills the terms of service by notifying the CUSTOMER of the written or permanent data recorder up to 15 days prior to the commencement of the service. The transferee is responsible for all costs incurred due to the inherited balance and the transfer.
  15. ANICA has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of CUSTOMER 24 hours after the CUSTOMER declares in writing that he will participate in the service that he missed. In such cases, no charge is made to the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER can benefit from the service for the remainder of the service it purchases if he / she indicates that he / she will participate in the service again within 24 hours from the start of the service.
  16. ANICA may terminate, in whole or in part, prior to the commencement of the service for which it has declared or registered to notify the CLIENT. In such a case, the service paid by the CLIENT will be paid to him within 14 working days.
  17. The CUSTOMER may insure the costs of returning to the point of accident and sickness, as well as the damage and treatment costs of any kind of accident before the start of the accommodation service, at his own expense, through independent insurance companies.
  18. CUSTOMER is responsible for notifying the any changes of the contact information as it is used by CUSTOMER for communication information such as address, phone, e-mail shared during the purchase phase.
  19. In case the CUSTOMER is not a minor; depending on the rules of our company, parents or legal guardians can not benefit from the service may be born as a result, such a situation develops when this document will be put into writing the cancellation policy.
  20. The CUSTOMER can participate in the satisfaction measurement survey if the service is searched and approved for the purpose of measuring the satisfaction after the end of the term, and the opinions can be published on the ANICA sites after reviewing the ANICA web site rules.

The Customer will be deemed to have accepted all the above conditions by completing the reservation transactions.